Avid's Media Composer Adrenaline now shipping

Avid is now shipping its new Media Composer Adrenaline system. Adrenaline upgrades both Media Composer’s hardware and software to offer real-time, multi-stream, uncompressed SD video editing and 10-bit HD media expandability.

The Adrenaline hardware is part of Avid’s new DNA family of digital nonlinear accelerators, a hybrid architecture designed to leverage the power of both host-based software capabilities and hardware-based acceleration, delivering speedier performance.

Media Composer Adrenaline supports uncompressed SD video over a standard FireWire connection. The system offers 24p Film Composer offline editing functionality, 24-bit audio capabilities and a real-time color correction tool that can automatically correct an entire sequence with a single click.

The system can also operate in a collaborative workflow with Avid Unity MediaNetwork and natively supports Avid Meridien, (JFIF), ABVB (AVRs), DV25, DV50, IMX and uncompressed 601 media—all mixable in the same timeline.

For more information visit www.avid.com (opens in new tab).

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