Avid ships new versions of DekoCast, Thunder

Avid Technology has begun shipping the latest versions of its Avid DekoCast and Thunder on-air graphics systems.

Version 4.0 of the DekoCast system offers new configurations with enhanced HD and crawl capabilities; version 7.0 of the Thunder system introduces a new HD configuration that combines the capabilities of a traditional video clip and still image store with advanced real-time DVE effects, on-board and remote database support and graphics functionality.

Version 4.0 DekoCast features include:

  • A new DekoCast HD model that delivers the key benefits of the SD model in a system designed for real-time broadcast-quality HD graphics and video processing.
  • An enhanced “Crawl Animation” feature set enables stations to reinforce their brands by adding animated logos, clips and live video within informational crawl graphics.
  • A toolset for collecting, managing and delivering real-time election data.

Thunder Version 7.0 features include:

  • A Thunder HD model that delivers multiple channels of broadcast-quality HD video with native 720p and 1080i MXF file format.
  • The ability to link a video clip with a still graphic, creating associations between graphics and video clips so that both media files can be recalled efficiently as a single element.

For more information, visit: www.avid.com (opens in new tab).