Avid acquires Sibelius Software

In a move that will expand its presence in the consumer education market, Avid Technology, has acquired Sibelius Software., a supplier of music education software, for approximately $23 million in cash.

Based in London, Sibelius, which markets music applications to professionals, educators and students who want to use computers to write, teach or learn music, will now operate as a separate business unit under Avid's Digidesign division. Avid officials said its Pinnacle Consumer and Avid Video divisions will also benefit.

The Sibelius portfolio — with 180,000 users in 100 countries — being acquired by Avid includes software for music notation and composition, coursework, testing, playback, publishing, authoring and e-commerce. The acquisition will expand Sibelius' worldwide reach by distributing and selling Sibelius products through the Digidesign and M-Audio channels.

Going forward, Avid will offer market-specific bundles that could include Sibelius software, Digidesign Pro Tools Academic software, and M-Audio keyboards, microphones, and other audio peripherals.

Sibelius' product line comprises software tools for editing and arranging music notation in both electronic and printed form. A wide range of customers uses the company's products, including professional musicians for composing and creating scores for film and TV, orchestral performances and recordings; educational institutions for teaching music at all levels; and individuals who need to provide musical notation as a means to publish their work.

The Sibelius product line also includes applications for teaching and testing music in elementary institutions up through the university level.

For more information, visit www.avid.com and www.sibelius.com.