Automatic Duck imports Avid timelines and effects to Final Cut Pro

Automatic Duck, a software company providing workflow solutions to digital media artists, has released the Automatic Duck Pro Import FCP 1.0, a plug-in for the recently released Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) 4.1 that allows editors to import Avid Open Media Format (OMF) files into FCP.

Automatic Duck Pro Import FCP 1.0 provides an alternative to what the company calls “the complex, hit-or-miss process” of translating Avid timelines to FCP using edit decision list (EDL) files. Because the plug-in makes use of Avid’s OMF file format, it is capable of preserving all layers and many Avid effects throughout translation to FCP 4.1.

The new plug-in also takes advantage of Apple’s XML interchange technology. Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) support will be included in a near-term update, the company said.

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