Autodesk introduces HDTV color grading system for post, broadcast

Autodesk Lustre HD system lets facilities offer creative HD color grading capabilities.
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Autodesk has launched Autodesk Lustre HD, a new digital color grading system designed for working on high-definition television commercials and programming, as well as HDTV film projects.

Autodesk Lustre HD offers real-time primary and secondary color-correction capabilities and real-time formatting of video deliverables using advanced GPU technology available in commodity graphics cards.

The system offers colorists an intuitive, nonlinear environment for interactive color grading sessions, enabling them to collaborate with producers, directors, art directors and cinematographers to adjust the colors and looks perfectly for HDTV projects.

Key features include:

  • Creative Toolset, including primary and selective color grading; hierarchical shape system with schematic view and advanced GMasks; and image tracking, keying, pan and scan, and accurate, automated dust removal.
  • Nonlinear Grading, allowing users to move instantly between shots in the timeline or shot bin and re-order shots before or after grading, easy side-by-side shot comparison.
  • GPU-acceleration, permitting real-time color grading.
  • Real-time video deliverables.

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