Australian morning show employs automated HD production system from Thomson Grass Valley

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is now using a Thomson Grass Valley Ignite HD integrated production system to produce its new three-hour live morning news and information show entitled “ABC News Breakfast.”

“ABC News Breakfast” originates from a new automated studio control room in Melbourne, complete with the Ignite HD system. It includes a Grass Valley HDC robotic camera system remotely controlled by an Ignite SHOT Director, a Kayak HD production switcher and a Yamaha digital audio console.

The show is now on-air from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., making extensive use of studio interviews and interviews with newsmakers around Australia and around the world. The show often switches live to ABC newsrooms around the country and correspondents overseas, with a link to radio studios in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

As part of this new installation, the ABC has signed a major purchase order with Grass Valley for the progressive rollout of Ignite systems throughout the broadcaster’s major city and regional areas over the coming months.

Installation, commissioning, training and ongoing support of the systems was carried out by Australian-based Grass Valley engineers and trainers, who followed an aggressive timeline to meet the desired launch date of Nov. 3. By all measures the show is a success.

The Ignite system has helped improve the quality of programming while reducing operational costs at over 100 stations across North America, Australia, and Europe. In Australia, WIN TV, the largest regional free-to-air commercial operator in the country, has also installed several Ignite systems.

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