Australian Broadcasting Corp. adds Chyron CAMIO

ABC Television, a service of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), has installed Chyron CAMIO MOS workflow servers to complement new LEX2 graphics systems it is using to produce SD graphics for a wide range of programming.

The broadcaster is incorporating the CAMIO server as part of a complete news graphics workflow solution that provides tight control over the management and delivery of newsroom graphics. This enables journalists and producers using the Chyron LUCI ActiveX newsroom plug-in interface to create, preview and publish multilayered graphics with ease. Because the rendering of graphics previews happens on the CAMIO server, there is no additional hardware required on the journalist desktop. High-resolution preview images of each graphic in LUCI are displayed on the desktop using browse-quality file formats, and allow for previews across the WAN as well as the LAN.

The LEX2 systems provide seamless graphics creation to playout, real-time 2-D/3-D animation and host of hardware and software features including 2-D and 3-D object import; advanced text and image effects; intelligent interface and DB link update; and macro creation/execution and an HD/SD high-quality 3-D DVE.

In addition, when coupled with Chyron’s iSQ remote monitoring and playout application, ABC can monitor and control MOS-generated playlists from multiple devices.

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