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Audio at the 2013 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS--With loudness control, monitoring and logging equipment now installed almost industrywide, the focus for new product releases turns this year to wired and wireless digital audio interconnectivity. AoIP and MADI products abound, as do cell phone network-based remote contribution systems and wired commentator devices.

Blackmagic Design is introducing a v3.2 software update to add full audio mixing its ATEM 1 M/E and ATEM Television Studio switchers. The software lets customers mix embedded audio from SDI and HDMI inputs, as well as external audio inputs.

Calrec has added Automixer, an automatic mixing function, to its Bluefin2 signal-processing engine, the driving force behind its Apollo and Artemis mixing consoles. Automixer attenuates the output levels of all channels under its control to maintain consistent program levels in environments with multiple open microphones and unpredictable audio content.

Group One Ltd. will introduce DiGiCo’s SD9B software upgrade, which adds 5.1 capabilities to the standard SD9 “live” system, accommodating smaller sports and events OB trucks.

New features for the Lawo mc²56 mixing console include two-person operation with fully decentralized control of all parameters including bank and layer selection, EQ, dynamics, and bus assignment.

Logitek Electronic Systems’ AE-IP card turns the AE-32 Audio Engine platform into an AoIP node and mixer handling up to 128 inputs x 128 outputs in a single box. The company’s updated Mosaic control surface offers easier access to the new features of streaming consoles and networked audio systems, and consumes about 1/3 less power than the prior model.

Also new is the Logitek vMix+, which combines multiple Logitek virtual clients into a single platform for creating virtual mixing consoles, with custom-configurable display layouts.

Stagetec will show off the latest developments in digital audio consoles, audio routing systems and intercom systems.

Studer Vista 1 Studer will spotlight its new Vista 1 22-fader console, Vista 5M3 with TFT metering, and VistaMix, an auto-mix system. Studer will also show integration efforts with many third-party systems, including Riedel MediorNet.

Wheatstone will show Dimension Two, an expanded version of its Dimension One audio console, which brings multiple major market features to mid-market budgets. The company will also show the TS-22, a multifeatured studio talent station that integrates microphone, monitoring, and communication functions over the Wheatnet-IP audio network. Wheatstone is also adding three new signal processing models, the FM-531HD, M-4 mic processor, and Wheatnet-IP LIO-48 logic array blade. AirAura X-3 is Wheatstone’s latest flagship digital audio processor.

Yamaha Commercial Audio System’s Ri8-D and Ro-8-D I/O units Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems is expanding the capabilities of its mixing products with the new Ri8-D and Ro8-D Dante-based input and output rack units; Ri8-D head amps can be controlled from compatible Yamaha consoles.

ENCO’s DADv13 runs on a PC embedded directly inside an audio routing engine without a separate workstation or sound card and adds new features including an improved GUI.

Merging Technologies’ Pyramix v8.0 natively supports RAVENNA Audio over IP for use with its DSP-based system, enabling real-time audio interchange across standard Layer 3 networks. The Horus networked audio converter is now available with a single-mode optical fiber MADI connection and copper-tofiber converters for extended RAVENNA connections.

Sound Devices’ 664 field mixer features six mic inputs, four output buses, 10 channels of built-in recording to CF and SD cards, and a complete timecode system with internal generator.

Nuage, a collaboration between Yamaha and Steinberg, is a hardware/ software system offering up to 128 channels with Dante audio networking, software-based Nuendo DAW, and Yamaha control surface comprising fader and main control units.

Census Digital will show its C161A, which provides visual and aural monitoring of up to 16 audio channels from an SDI signal in 1RU, with meter and loudness measurement displays. The NLX-3 is a miniature SDI-to-HDMI converter with external audio outputs for a mono, stereo, or 5.1-tostereo downmix.

Linear Acoustic will demo its DM-2000 Bitstream Analyzer, a next-generation portable handheld diagnostic tool to monitor and generate Dolby Digital/ Plus/E, HE-AAC, MPEG I L II, and PCM bitstreams.

Wohler will debut the AMP1-16M dualinput SDI audio monitor, which handles up to 16 embedded audio channels in two 3G/ HD or SD-SDI streams in 1RU.

TopHAT M3 from Glensound (U.K.) Ltd. is a portable headphone mixer with multiple headphone outputs for monitoring in OB environments and also includes a switched talkback mic input.

Tascam will launch its new budget TH-02 closed-back headphones.

AEQ will debut Systel IP, a talk show and multiconference system built around a digital router using lines from IP telephony systems. The company will also demo Phoenix Venus, an N/ACIP EBU Tech3326-compliant dual IP stereo, full duplex audio codec system that ships with AEQ’s management software. AEQ Phoenix Mercury is a full duplex, stereo, IP audio codec exclusively controlled through a PC interface, providing remote or local management.

Audio Video Technologies will showcase its Magic THipPro, a POTS, ISDN or VoIP telephone hybrid talk show system that can handle as many as 16 callers from up to 20 workplaces with resources shared between six studios.

Broadcast Devices’ AES-400 digital audio switcher features two AES3 inputs, four AES3 outputs, and balanced +4 dBm analog output of the selected input.

Gsnake 400M from Glensound (U.K.) Ltd. is a 16-channel, 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio snake linking via coax (1,640 feet), Ethernet on Cat-5 (328 feet) or fiber. Recce HD is a mobile phone remote broadcast unit for three announcers offering 7 kHz audio links via 3G GSM on T-Mobile.

New firmware for Riedel’s RockNet RN.334.MD MADI interface integrates SSL mixing consoles into the network, complete with remote control functionality. Riedel’s new RN.344.SI card integrates Soundcraft’s Si Compact consoles, supporting 32 inputs and 32 outputs with remote control of any RockNet mic preamp plus independent gain.

Studio Technologies’ Model 5152 video generator/audio embedder module enables four stereo digital audio signals to be embedded into the SDI signal.

Telos Systems Hx6 is a new six`-line POTS/ISDN phone system equipped with two Telos DSP hybrids and a full suite of audio processing tools.

Wohler’s new AMP1-MADIe in-rack portable MADI unit with Ethernet control and configuration for sports and live broadcast offers functionality equivalent to a MADI audio hot-mic mixer.

Audio-Technica AT5040 microphone Audio-Technica’s AT5040 handbuilt side-address cardioid condenser mic combines four ultra-thin rectangular diaphragms for a surface area unachievable in a standard round diaphragm. The new AT2020USB+ adds a USB output for multitrack music production, voiceover, and podcasting and offers zero-latency monitoring.

DPA Microphones’ new d:facto II vocal microphone handles extreme SPL handling and offers seamless integration with many professional wireless systems.

Sennheiser will showcase its Digital 9000 system, which includes the EM 9046 (housing up to eight receivers), SKM 9000 handheld and SK 9000 bodypack transmitters, and offers high-definition and long-range transmission modes.

Shure will demo its FP wireless systems, which include a portable receiver and XLR plug-on transmitter, and are intended for videography and EFP environments. The ultralightweight and durable BRH31M broadcast headset features a single supra-aural earcup design and a dynamic cardioid mic that pivots 270 degrees for left or right wear.

Yellowtec’s iXm is a high-quality pro microphone with built-in recording and auto-leveling features.

The DW-1000 from Azden Corp. is a four-channel full duplex digital wireless IFB comprising base station, four beltpack tranceivers, and four headsets.

Clear-Com will unveil v1.1 of its HelixNet digital network partyline intercom system, which offers the advanced network management capabilities of a matrix intercom.

Henry Engineering’s Sports Pod is an announcer’s mic/headphone controller with duplex intercom.

JK Audio’s RemoteMix 2 two-channel field mixer/headphone amp JK Audio is introducing RemoteMix 2, a two-channel field mixer/headphone amplifier that includes a communications interface for remote broadcast, IFB, or backup audio paths.

The new RTS ADAM Omneo interface cards transform the company’s ADAM intercom system into a flexible, IP-based, AVBcompatible intercom network incorporating OCA control.

The new CM-CU1 commentator unit from Sonifex Ltd. has an individual commentator output, with an additional output providing a mix of commentator and line input audio. The new CM-TB8 8-channel talkback control unit allows multiple fourwires and IFBs within a 1RU space.

The Model 5140 intercom interface module from Studio Technologies is designed to allow guest users to be linked via four-wire or partyline to ports on a host intercom system. The Model 5190 allows remote access of up to 16 Model 5100-Series modules, enabling a wide range of applications, and features 10/100 Ethernet connection and integrated Web server.

The latest version of Minnetonka Audio’s flagship AudioTools Server (ATS) 2.5 features major enhancements enabling the automation of sophisticated audio tasks in file-based workflows.

DaySequerra’s MultiMerge2 upmixes stereo or encoded stereo content to 5.1 using the DTS Neural Surround Up- Mix process, also generating an LtRt output.

Independent Audio will introduce CEDAR DNS 8 Live, which offers eight simultaneous channels of dialog noise suppression for live applications.

The Nugen Audio ISL inter-sample true-peak limiter is designed for the control of peak levels in audio signals from mono to 5.1 via a true brick-wall solution.

The Wohler RadiantGrid new media automation platform offers transcoding, standards conversion, and audio processing in loudness correction, quality control, and distribution applications.

Cobalt Digital’s new higher performance Fusion3G cards offer Dolby Digital Plus with simultaneous 5.1 and 2.0, plus comprehensive audio and video processing features. SpotCheck-2016, the new version of Cobalt’s audio loudness measurement and recorded data logging system, now supports 16 video channels with up to 32 audio channels.

DaySequerra’s iLM8 live intelligent loudness monitor simultaneously measures loudness for 5.1 surround and auxiliary stereo inputs using the industrystandard ITU-R BS.1770/1 algorithm.

Junger Audio’s new M*AP combines quality control and loudness monitoring functionality, plus a Dolby production toolset.

Linear Acoustic will showcase its Aero.2000 Audio Loudness Manager with up to 16 channels of Aeromax loundess control, and UPMAX upmixing/downmixing. Other loudness products include the Aero.1000 and LQ-1 Loudness Meter.

Merging Technologies’ MXFix offers a file-based 24-channel loudness solution using simple loudness scaling or optional Junger Level Magic processing.

Minnetonka Audio Software’s SurCode encoder/decoder system for Dolby Pro Logic II Minnetonka Audio Software’s new AudioTools Focus platform is designed for automated, intelligent automated, intelligent audio loudness processing. Minnetonka’s new SurCode encoder/ decoder for Dolby Pro Logic II integrates loudness measurement technology from the company’s benchmark AudioTools Server line.

Nugen Audio will debut standalone LM-Correct, now available as a file-based program for the first time, and offering automatic, faster-than-real-time loudness analysis and correction. VisLM v1.6 is newly available in the Avid AAX format and a 64-bit OS X version, and features loudness measurement, history, and logging facilities. VisLM is now also available on Quantel’s broadcast editors in the latest v5.2 software.

Acoustical Solutions is introducing a range of products, including AcoustiArt sound absorbing wall panels, Whisperwave acoustical clouds, Sonex acoustical foam, AudioSeal sound barrier, and AlphaSorb barrier wall panels.

BroaMan’s new Repeat series consists of plug-and-play devices that convert two to 24 of channels 3G/HD/SD-SDI (or MADI) signals from coaxial cables to fiber and back in 1RU.

BTX Technologies’ pro plates and panels offer customization of wall plates in sizes up to 10RU. The 2G+ Just Add Power HD-SDI over IP transmitter helps feed HDMI audio to centralized amplifiers.

Steve Harvey began writing for Pro Sound News and Surround Professional in 2000 and is currently senior content producer for Mix and a contributor to TV Tech. He has worked in the pro audio industry—as a touring musician, in live production, installed sound, and equipment sales and marketing—since November 1980.