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Auburn University routes HD signals with Utah Scientific

Auburn University’s Media Production Group has installed a Utah Scientific UTAH-400 video routing switcher and a UTAH-200 router as part of a major facility renovation that included the facility's transition to HD operation. The UTAH-400 digital router replaces a 19-year-old UTAH-200 analog router (configured as 16x16 matrix), which is now being used as a cost-effective means of routing time code.

Auburn's media production facility dates to 1954, when programming for the Alabama Educational Television System was shot there on black-and-white film. Today, the operation provides distance-education classes produced for the university's College of Business. The staff also produces content for public television including documentaries and musical performances, informational and promotional programming for the university, public service announcements for the state of Alabama, and contract work for the industry.

The 144-frame UTAH-400 router (loaded 64x80) takes up only one-third of a rack frame and uses minimal power while producing little noise and heat. It also features an easy-to-use graphic interface that allows the operator to copy settings from one control panel to another without reentering all the information, a substantial time-saver over earlier systems.

In addition to its small size and cost-effective operation, the UTAH-400 is easy to expand and upgrade, and includes a 10-year no-fee warranty.