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AT&T U-verse wireless makes big screens mobile

AT&T has announced that in the U.S. for a one-time fee of $49 and a standard $7 per month rental fee, customers can now get the U-verse wireless receiver, which gives its U-verse subscribers the ability to move their TV anywhere for maximum entertainment.

Previously, consumers had to use a U-verse outlet and ensure that the TV was near the jack. This proved to be limiting in the age of wireless, and people wanted more flexibility. Now, the small receiver can be moved anywhere a TV can be moved, and you’ll have access to all the U-verse content. So your large TV is now mobile and can go outside on a patio, moved to a bigger room for a game or moved out to the garage for a party.

Another bonus is easier set-up for customers. Setting up the wireless version is dramatically easier for end users and offers much more flexibility. All the features are still the same as well. You still have access to your full DVR options, and you can watch SD and HD programming just as you normally would. AT&T says it also can save people money; instead of having multiple TVs and multiple drops in separate rooms, one TV and one U-verse wireless receiver can serve an entire location when moved around.

The U-verse wireless receiver starts shipping this week and could be the first step in making larger TVs “mobile.”