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Atlona Debuts New Presentation Video Switcher, Scaler

SUNNYVALE, CALIF.: Atlona Technologies released its At-Line-Pro5 presentation video switcher/scaler featuring 11 inputs and two mirrored HDMI outputs. The At-Line-Pro5 is designed to create stunning presentations while simplifying setup in digital interactive classrooms, boardrooms, places of worship, and other settings. The unit features a built-in scaler and multiple input types, and it supports resolutions of 640x480 to 1920x1200 and from 480i up to 1080p, allowing users to scale any source to their display's resolution.

The dual mirrored HDMI outputs of the At-Line-Pro5 reduce the amount of equipment required for presentations by allowing users to send two different display sources simultaneously. Furthermore, the unit offers several different inputs--four HDMI, one DVI, two VGA, two component, and two composite--to connect a wide variety of devices.

The At-Line-Pro5’s multiple inputs allow users to keep DVD players, computers, cameras, and many other components connected at the same time during the presentation, eliminating interruptions from switching out source equipment.

When working with multiple inputs and resolutions, users can find it difficult to display them all correctly. With the At-Line-Pro5’s built-in scaler, however, users simply choose the output resolution, and the unit automatically scales all inputs accordingly. To accommodate the needs of any application, the unit offers a variety of control options, including IR remote, the face panel, RS-232, and integration into any control system.

The At-Line-Pro5 is available Aug. 1, 2011, at an MSRP of $999.99.