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ATG Broadcast selects SGL for digital broadcasting

SGL’s FlashNet technology will help manage assets for the production and transmission of television services for the British military. Click here to view an enlarged image of this diagram.

ATG Broadcast has selected Software Generation to provide its FlashNet product as part of a contract from Services Sound & Vision (SSVC) to digitize the production and transmission of BFBS television services for the military in the UK.

SGL's FlashNet Hierarchical storage manager will control the 120TB ADIC Scalar 2K archive library. The files will be archived either as a manual process or according to archive rules set within SGL FlashNet. BFBS1 and BFBS2 provides media feeds to UK military personnel stationed around the world, providing two channels of selected programs from the major UK broadcast television channels as well as its own specially produced programming.

Quantel's sQ servers under IBIS automation will provide ingest of the programs controlled via record lists from a Provys scheduling system. The system also includes seven Quantel QCut workstations and a DaletPlus newsroom system.

SGL FlashNet provides a link between video stored as files on video servers, editing systems and the long-term archive library.

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