Aspera, Metaglue partner to deliver AMWA AS-11/DPP file validation

Metaglue has added support for the emerging AMWA AS-11 and DPP standards. The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) was set up by major UK broadcasters to help producers and broadcasters maximise the potential of digital production.

The new Aspera plug-in-for Metaglue, demonstrated at IBC 2012, fully integrates the Metaglue analysis engine, and is available as a plug-in for Aspera Orchestrator, Aspera’s workflow orchestration solution. With Orchestrator, broadcasters can conveniently insert file format validation at any step within complex, distributed workflows, including ingest, transformation and distribution.

The file validation helps to deliver the advantages of file-based workflows, reducing the need for manual QC at every step, typical with videotape delivery of content.

Additionally, with new software interfaces in Aspera’s fasp 3 platform, the Metaglue plug-in can now integrate inline Aspera fasp transfer sessions. The fasp 3 transfer platform brings new software interfaces that will allow users to add any file validation step in line with the Aspera fasp transfer session, with fully integrated control, allowing the transfer session to complete or fail depending on whether the validation is successful.

Success and failure conditions will be reported through the Aspera client interfaces, Aspera Console centralised management interface and APIs, ensuring digital content in the correct format is delivered as efficiently and reliably as possible.