Argentinean sports producer taps Orad’s virtual technology for soccer telecasts

Torneos y Competencias (Torneos), one of the largest producers of sports programming in Argentina and South America, has selected a real-time broadcast graphics platform from Orad Hi-Tec Systems to enhance its soccer telecasts. Orad’s TrackVision and MVP software are providing Torneos with HD capabilities.

Torneos, which produces sport broadcasts for such leading broadcasters as FOX Sports, DIRECTV, TyC Sports and Canal 13 Argentina, among others, is using Orad's MVP software to analyze and display key soccer events with graphics during live production and highlight shows. Torneos is also employing Orad’s TrackVision to superimpose offside lines, distance and speed measurements, etc., in real time.

Torneos, which covers sports events such as Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana for the whole region, FIFA World Cup and Argentine Football, will be relying on Orad’s MVP for Canal 13’s “Footbol de Primera” program, which airs every Sunday, as well as its other football broadcasts.