AP Appoints Video Integration Manager

The Associated Press has appointed Darren Long as its video integration manager, the latest step in an infrastructure upgrade aimed at providing high-definition media to the broadcast and digital industries.

Long’s role includes assisting the AP’s video production processes, providing video content in all platforms to journalists around the world. He will also be responsible for the day-to-day management and implementation of content-related projects including ingest, production and archiving.

The AP aims to increase the depth and breadth of video content available from around the world, leading the market in creating and delivering video content for all platforms.

Long began in the broadcast industry at Independent Television in 1987, staying with the company until 2005, holding the position of director of operations at the ITN Archive. Long went on to be named Head of Collections and Information at the British Film Institute, and most recently as CEO of Screenocean, a business-to-business media licensing and content management venture.