Angenieux releases Optimo 3-D lens package

Since its debut in 2010, sales of Thales Angenieux’s 3-D-ready Optimo DP lens package have been used on a growing number of digital cinema productions, and the company said the demand for 3-D projects has increased significantly over the last six months.

The Optimo 3-D lens package is available in two versions: the 16-42 Optimo DP or the 30-80 Optimo DP, both of which come in a customized compact carrying case. In addition to high optical quality and reliable, precise mechanism, the Optimo lens package includes specific features for 3-D applications, including factory-matched zoom and focus scale, comparable optical quality and easily adjustable tracking to assure optimal performance.

To help ensure equivalent performance between lens pairs, the Optimo DP 30-80 and Optimo DP 16-42 lenses used are from the same production run, and then the specific characteristics of both pieces are matched to ensure comparable optical quality in focus, zoom range and tracking. Optimized for large-sensor (32mm) digital cameras, the lenses feature an aperture of T:2.8 and deliver optical performance quality equal to prime lenses.