And So Does ESPN...

Just hours after CBS ballyhooed its mobile initiative, ESPN did likewise. The self-described "worldwide leader in sports" announced a mobile deal with Verizon Wireless and MediaFLO, the mobile TV service being launched by Qualcomm.

ESPN said it made "an exclusive multiyear agreement" to deliver Mobile ESPN content to Verizon Wireless VCast customers. The service will include real-time sports news and scores, alerts, features and on-demand video, and be included in the regular $15 VCast package at no additional charge. VCast is currently delivered over Verizon's existing data network, but the service will soon be transmitted via the smoother, faster MediaFLO network on TV Channel 55. Through MediaFLO, Verizon will have content from CBS, NBC, Fox, MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, with local programming planned for later in the year.

Mobile ESPN was originally launched in November 2005 on the Sprint EVDO network, available only on select cell phones. The content consisted mostly of sports highlights, updates and scores. The first live even was transmitted Sept. 2, 2006, but the service ceased at the end of last year.