Analytics service tests live in-store media campaigns

Consumer packaged goods companies, media buyers and retailers all seek better ways to measure digital signage and capture data on the impact of creative variables such as ad length, frequency of play, channel placement and product feature vs. lifestyle imagery. To address this need, DS-IQ has released a new version of its Web-based retail media analytics service that tests in-store digital signage spots — while campaigns are live — and compares the sales impact of programming with different play lengths and creative elements.

DS-IQ’s latest release includes customizable dashboards that display sales uplift — additional sales over controls — in real time for each ad treatment. The system tracks unit and dollar uplift along with the effectiveness of clustering filters tuned to each retail chain. Marketers and content designers can evaluate performance differences between competing ad treatments early in a campaign cycle. The DS-IQ application then automatically optimizes the schedule, or enables manual optimization, when the next ad cycle starts.

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