AMC-16 Satellite Ready for Dec. 16 Launch

The Americom-16 satellite is scheduled for its ATLAS V launch from Cape Canaveral.

Lockheed Martin built the A2100AX spacecraft--owned by SES Americom--and International Launch Services (ILS) will launch on Dec. 16.

The hybrid Ku-band/Ka-band satellite will support video and broadband services for EchoStar.

ILS launched the satellite's predecessor, AMC-15, in October on a Proton launch vehicle from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Russia, which is being tested in orbit.

AMC-16 carries 125 MHz Ka-band spot beams and twenty-four 36 MHz, 140 MHz Ku-band transponders and has been optimized to provide both direct-to-home video and broadband services in a single dish.

Final preparations for the launch includes site testing, fueling, integrating the satellite into the fairing, mating the fairing with the ATLAS V and a final set of tests before the rocket is rolled out to the launch pad.

The launch will begin at 4:41a.m. EST and the broadcast will begin 20 minutes after. The video of the launch will be available via satellite in C-band via AMC-9 located at 85 degrees West. Those who want to see the Webcast can go to