AMC Theatres commits to Sony SXRD 4K projectors for four theaters

Sony Electronics is equipping four AMC Theatres new movie theaters with CineAlta SXRD 4K digital cinema systems.

Sony will provide 54 SXRD 4K digital cinema systems at new theatres in Dallas (12 screens); Indianapolis (14 screens); Riverside, CA (16 screens); and San Diego (12 screens). Work will begin next month, with the theaters scheduled to open in December.

The theaters will feature a combination of Sony’s SRX-R210 10,000 lumen model and the SRX-R220 18,000 lumen unit. The systems, which were specifically designed for theater applications, will be paired with Sony’s LMT-100 Media Block servers.

The 4K digital projection systems are designed to be compliant to the Digital Cinema Initiatives specification, providing 2K and 4K playback/projection, interoperability with currently installed systems and full-wrap security. They will be linked to Sony’s Screen Management System.

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