AmberFin Unveils J2K Ingest and Transcode Workstation

BASINGSTOKE, ENGLAND – AmberFin announced a new J2K ingest and transcode solution at CCW in New York.

The AmberFin iCR 400-J2K is designed to help smaller facilities and postproduction houses easily create and review J2K assets. Amberfin says the new solution comes with easily configured profiles to generate media against the delivery specification.

“Many media and entertainment organizations have chosen JPEG 2000, or J2K, as a high-end service master or service mezzanine and the facilities who deliver content to them have to work with their strict format requirements. This new affordable and easy to use version of iCR will enable them to ingest and transcode files to J2K, ensuring the highest quality video encoding in a scalable and tightly integrated solution,” said Bruce Devlin, AmberFin chief technology officer.