Amazon Prime Hits 200M Subscribers

Amazon Prime Video
(Image credit: Amazon)

SEATTLE—Amazon Prime subscriptions has surpassed the 200 million mark, according to a recent shareholders letter. This letter is the last from Jeff Bezos before he steps down as CEO of Amazon.

Amazon Prime is the membership platform that gives users access to special deals through the Amazon website and access to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

Reports had Amazon Prime subscription numbers at around 150 million prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. So in the last year they have added 50 million subscribers. That is an increased growth rate, according to Yahoo Finance reporter Daniel Howley, who said it took Amazon two years to get from 100 million subscribers to 150 million.

In the ongoing streaming wars, the 200 million subscription figure puts Amazon Prime just behind Netflix, which reported it passed the 200 million subscription mark in January. Meanwhile, Disney+ has experienced major growth in its year-plus of existence, hitting 100 million subscribers in March.

Globally, there are now a reported 1 billion streaming subscriptions