All Mobile Video Brings Miranda Into "Flypack"

Montreal--All Mobile Video has incorporated Miranda's HD up and downconverters into its new Matrix Flypack, a full suite of state-of-the-art tools providing high-end production services.
"The Matrix brings the most advanced production technologies to any location quickly and without compromise, providing our clients with crystal clear images and sound in virtually any environment," said All Mobile Video director of mobile operations Lee Blanco. "We integrated Miranda products into our new Flypack because the quality of the converter cards is excellent and their performance is just phenomenal. Miranda's responsiveness in meeting our needs was also important in our development of a high-quality HD production suite."
Built as a modular platform that quickly breaks down into manageable road cases, the Matrix Flypack enables the acquisition of images with as many as 16 high definition, 24p-capable cameras. The go-anywhere production suite features twin 128 multi-format routers and a superior audio complement. The Matrix system includes Miranda's QUC-801i and QDC-801i HD/SD up- and downconverters, UVP series incoming feed processors, and Miranda's A-to-D and D-to-A video/audio converters.
"Miranda's converters offer great functionality via front panel and remote control, and they minimize the system's overall weight and power consumption," added Blanco. "They also give us flexibility. Because they are interchangeable, we can mix and match different cards in the same frame. These advantages make it easier to stow and ship a versatile system, such as the Matrix, while maintaining first-rate performance and audio and video quality."
The QUC-801i cards are compact, high-quality SDI to HD-SDI upconverters that can be used for multiple applications, including incoming feeds and converting SD cameras for mobile trucks or production units such as the Matrix Flypack. The QUC-801i module features a built-in frame synchronizer, aspect ratio conversion, and the extraction and re-embedding of up to 16 channels of digital audio with delay compensation and lip-sync correction.
All Mobile Video