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Advertising Community Being Prepped for DTV Conversion

A new group, composed of both broadcasters and advertisers, has been created to prepare the advertising community for the February 2009 transition to full-time digital television broadcasting in the United States.

The new coalition includes the National Association of Broadcasters, the Television Bureau of Advertisers, the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Association of National Advertisers. Its function is to ensure that television advertisers enjoy a smooth transition into the digital TV world next year.

The group has a stated initiative—“The DTV Transition: Keeping the Ad Community in the Loop.” Its purpose is to make sure that the advertising community is aware of all implications associated with the cessation of analog television broadcasting and to identify concerns and issues specific to advertisers.

Plans are for the new group to communicate with their target audience via e-mail notifications, Webcasts, luncheons and a speaker’s bureau. The coalition is also sending out a letter announcing the initiative to members of all four of its groups.