ADS Expands HD Services with Snell

Advanced Digital Services (ADS), which offers mastering, encoding, restoration and duplication services, has added Snell’s Alchemist Ph.C – HD motion-compensated standards converter to its HD video service offerings.

Alchemist Ph.C - HD is a complete one-box solution that meets the needs of current and emerging broadcast conversion standards and HD display technologies, offering cross-conversion, up-conversion and down-conversion of constant and varying frame rates, including 1080p. In addition to handling 16 channels of PCM audio, Alchemist Ph.C - HD is Dolby E-ready, complete with an integral audio delay to eliminate audio-video sync errors. It features the ability to convert between all commonly used HD broadcast standards and formats and has been designed to accommodate new standards as they emerge.

“Our studio clients are faced with the daily challenge of seamlessly and efficiently delivering secure, high-quality SD and HD content in multiple formats across a myriad of media platforms and broadcast outlets globally in the shortest amount of time. Alchemist Ph.C – HD’s ability to seamlessly cross-convert, upconvert and downconvert HD content without loss of audio-video sync, while maintaining the highest image quality and Dolby E integrity, is the perfect tool to help address certain aspects of this challenge," said Brad Weyl, chief operating officer at ADS.

“We value our longtime partnership with ADS, and its adoption of the Alchemist Ph.C - HD is real recognition of the system’s ability to help customers meet the technical challenges of today’s multiformat, multistandard marketplace,” said John Shike, vice president, marketing and channel management, Snell.