AdAmp Kicks Off as TV Advertising Portal for Small Businesses

(Image credit: AdAmp)

MIAMI—AdAmp has officially launched, providing TV advertising access to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and agencies.

AdAmp is designed as a one-stop advertising platform designed for SMBs and agencies so they can place ads on leading U.S. TV platforms. AdAmp says that its users can have their business featured on cable and streaming networks, amplifying its reach.

Offerings from AdAmp include audience campaign planning; creative services; a portfolio of brand-safe inventory from TV streaming, cable and broadcast providers; and built-in reporting with full delivery transparency, attribution and ROI. 

Advertisers using the AdAmp service can set flexible budgets; use local zip-code targeting to connect with local audiences; use simple campaign management; and have real-time measurement and reporting.

“AdAmp’s ability to consolidate and simplify TV media buying at scale for SMBs will be an important arsenal in SMBs marketing tool chest,” said Stephen Saper, founder and CEO of AdAmp.

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