Ad overlays enable direct link to Web media

ICTV, a company that enables Web-driven media through television, and RGB Networks, a specialist in network video processing, are demonstrating a joint solution for triggering interactive advertising from a TV program feed.

The technology was shown at the recent NCTA Cable Show in Las Vegas. The companies showed how logo overlays inserted in linear broadcast streams via RGB Networks’ Broadcast Network Processor (BNP) can be used to enable immediate viewer entry into the ICTV ActiveVideo environment of Web media.

The technology can be used for full interaction, high-quality video and targeted, interactive advertising — all delivered as a single programming stream to the television by ICTV’s ActiveVideo.

Using the joint solution, programmers will be able to insert graphic elements into linear channels that will prompt viewers to switch directly to an ActiveVideo Channel or advertising showcase, without returning to the channel guide or VOD interface.

Viewers of ActiveVideo Channels can use standard remote controls to navigate through current and archived video, access real-time news and information and interact with targeted, actionable, auditable advertising.

ActiveVideo Channels allow network operators and programmers to provide content in a personalized experience that includes access to entire libraries of video, navigational elements, channel branding, targeted, interactive banner advertisements, and links to ad showcases.