Actus Digital Monitoring Platform Put to Use by Colombia’s Caracol

(Image credit: Actus Digital)

BOSTON—Actus Digital was the choice for Colombian TV network Caracol when it came to deploying a new broadcast monitor platform for compliance, logging and other tasks needed to comply with industry regulations.

With the Actus Digital monitoring platform, Caracol is able to record and monitor audio and video streams from any input, helping to ensure compliance with closed caption, teletext, subtitle, audio track and loudness requirements. 

The monitoring system records video from various inputs in full HD, allowing Caracol to export high-resolution clips. It also includes Actus Clip Factory, a workflow for creating, editing and exporting clips to social media, OTT platforms, the web, FTP or any other destination.

Caracol is also utilizing the Actus Digital platform for audience measurement analysis via the Actus Digital Rating Analyzer, which provides an interactive graphical presentation of rating data.

“Actus Digital’s monitoring platform provides us with extensive functionalities for compliance and beyond—from HD clips editing and exporting to advanced rating analysis,” said Jorge Pinilla, director of broadcast at Caracol. “We particularly appreciate the simple and intuitive user interface that enables anyone in our facility, not just our professional video editors, to turn around clips from any workstation.”

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