Acterna Adds Video Decode To DTS-330

Germantown, MD--Acterna has added video decode functionality to its recently released DTS-330 digital broadcast test platform. It has also unveiled plans to enhance its DTS-200 with the same feature. These enhancements will help users determine the correctness of their MPEG stream contents by viewing and listening to any unencrypted programs in realtime.
"We recognized that many of our clients require the ability to quickly verify transmission of the programs they intend to transmit," said Kevin Oliver, vice president of marketing for Acterna's cable networks division. "This enhancement gives our customers the confidence they are seeking for the reliability of their transmissions."
The video decode/display function allows users to view thumbnails of all videos within the MPEG transport stream, along with an assortment of essential, user-definable parameters such as Packet Identifier (PID) number and rate. Users can then select a specific program to view and hear in real time. Any unencrypted MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 audio and video streams can be easily displayed.
"We know that this new video decode function will be a welcome addition to these popular DTS units," said Oliver. "Because it gives our clients the ability to see actual broadcasts in realtime, it eliminates the possibility, for example, that the wrong channels are inadvertently broadcast."