ABU Digital Symposium Set

The 2009 ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium, organised by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union's (ABU) is being held 10–13 March at Hotel Istana in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The event will address HDTV implementation, digital radio broadcasting and mobile broadcasting. Two sessions will be devoted to content and programming issues. Technology workshops will include presentations of specific technologies for HDTV, SDTV, radio and mobile broadcasting.

The conference program includes:

  • •System Enhancements: Towards Higher Definition
  • •Modern Compression Systems: Applications
  • •HDTV Production Facilities — Building up the Future
  • •Radio Production Equipment — Surviving in the Digital Era
  • •Multiplatform Delivery — Building Network Infrastructure
  • •Implementing Digital Radio: Planning for Networks
  • •HDTV Business Strategies
  • •Programming Ideas for Enhanced Radio Content: Digital and Mobile Services
  • •Content Protection
  • •Industry Debate: Bringing HDTV To Asia-Pacific
  • •Status 0f Digital Broadcasting & IPTV in the Region

Planned workshops will look at the Australian roll out of DAB+, an HD Radio trial in Vietnam, and a WorldDMB Forum Asia committee meeting.