Abit integrates QuickTime metadata exchange at NRK

Abit has integrated QuickTime metadata exchange at the Oslo facility of NRK, the Norwegian national broadcaster. Abit, which provides the playout automation for the three NRK channels, has integrated with the Omneon API to achieve more accurate, future-proof playout.

By integrating with Omneon API at a network level, the operators gain more visibility into content recorded on the servers from the Present-it automation. Abit can now control additional metadata further back in the workflow, ensuring a greater degree of accuracy of the specified playout material from start to finish. The content metadata is transferred into the Abit key-based database allowing accurate integration of content with multimedia information in addition to allowing schedule changes up to the point of transmission.

Abit is currently implementing a file-based workflow and streaming solution to control the distribution of all material for streaming to mobiles, PDAs and the internet.

For more information, visit www.abit.co.uk.