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A Town Named 'Dish?' You Betcha

It may sound too good to be true, but any town in the United States willing to change its name--legally and permanently-- to "Dish" will get 10 years of free satellite programming, courtesy of EchoStar. Dish is introducing the Dish City Makeover for every household in a participating city or town to receive a complete satellite TV system, including free TV programming and America's Top 60 programming package.

To get in on the free satellite action, the town's government must be convinced by eager townsfolk to change government buildings, post offices, official letterhead, schools and hospitals if applicable, street signs, and other government signage with the city or town's name. The municipality must also file all necessary state and federal paperwork.

When a TV Technology editor asked about this opportunity for her community, an EchoStar rep said they'd help organize a committee to change the town's name. "We will attend city council meetings, set up meetings, petitions, you name it. We would love for you to live in Dish, Va.," he said.

For a town of 1,000 people, this deal adds up to about $4 million in programming, gear and installation, so one can only imagine what it would cost EchoStar if New York City becomes "Dish" City. The number of "I Heart Dish City" T-shirts alone that would be printed boggles the mind, although they do not fall under the official government signage. Also, schools may want to rethink their mascots and team names. Will Team "Dish" fans chant, Go "Dish" Pans?

Nov. 1, 2005 is the deadline for the submissions. Send them