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501 Post Color Corrects 'Sin City' with Quantel's eQ

Post house 501 Post recently completed the HD conform and color correction for the action film, "Sin City" which opened in theaters April 1.

Robert Rodriguez--the film's writer, producer and director--selected 501 Post for its eQ edit suite. 501 Post was selected for the movie after it was asked to cut the "Sin City" trailer.

"Based on our performance on the trailer, they decided to use us and keep everyone local throughout the major conform and color correct process," said George O'Dwyer, executive producer for 501 Post.

eQ artist Jim Reed and his assistant Lucas Martell conformed seven 20 minute reels for the film--based on a Frank Miller graphic novel (comic book)--that was mostly black and white. Reed used eQ's color correction tools and the system's fettle capabilities.

Los Angeles-based Post Logic handled 3D effects shots that were dropped into the movie's final cut using the Quantel iQ digital intermediate system.