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The 3M optical division has announced that it has developed a new field sequential 3D optical film that enables true auto stereoscopic displays without the need for special glasses.

The product is expected to find use in handheld electronic devices such as mobile phone telephones and gaming units. The film replaces a standard optical film stack and uses directional backlight technology to sequentially focus left and right images to the viewer’s eyes.

“Mobile device capabilities have been significantly enhanced in recent years with the emergence of new applications and features like touch screens and streaming video,” said Jim Bauman, vice president of 3M’s optical systems division. “3M has enabled these new capabilities, and is now enabling the next generation of advancement with features like 3D viewing. Our 3D optical film solution is designed to enhance communication and interaction by providing an immersive, compelling visual 3D experience for mobile devices.”

The company plans to display this new product at the Korea Electronics Show later this month.