3D TV, Football and Thou

The Los Angeles Times recently ran an article about 3D TV, and how it’s the next big thing in television, even as rumors arise that the analog deadline could be extended.

A 3D version of the Gators-Sooners match-up will be simulcast in Las Vegas today at the Consumer Electronics Show. A similar demonstration was executed last month in a handful of theaters in Los Angeles, Boston and New York during the Dec. 4 NFL game between the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders. The National Basketball Association will orchestrate a likewise event for some of its All Star games next month.

BSkyB is testing 3D TV on home viewers and London with the intent to roll it out this year. Japan is on a similar schedule.

The L.A. Times piece notes that while 3D movies are considered da bomb right now, there’s still skepticism about how many people want to wear Buddy Holly shades at home in front of the tube. If the photo that ran with the article is any indication, it’s a matter of gender.