3D Content Venture Launches

TAO Productions, LLC, of Los Angeles and 3DFusion of New York, have launched TAO 3D Fusion, a new, national, 3D content creation, conversion and exhibition joint venture companyeno, co-founder, TAO Productions, LLC, and Managing Director, TAO 3D Fusion, and Steve Blumenthal, CTO, 3DFusion.

Utilizing a proprietary process, the TAO 3D Fusion joint venture uses a proprietary process to offer its clients--on a national basis--original, cutting-edge entertainment and advertising content (both CGI and live action) in auto-stereoscopic 3D without the need for the viewer to wear 3D glasses.

"Having attended the recent CES Convention, we are now more confident than ever that the TAO 3D Fusion joint venture can provide truly state of the art 3D without glasses,” said Richard Moreno, co-founder TAO Productions, LLC. “In this arena, we truly have no viable competitors. We turned a lot of heads at CES, and we now know for sure that our screens are much further along. Clearly, our competitors are having to play catch up."

TAO 3D Fusion also provides 2D to 3D video conversion services, using newly developed software and hardware. In addition, the company has the ability to exhibit its 3D content live/in-person via multi-screen shows at a wide array of venues, including in-store, at trade shows, theme parks, festivals, music concerts, airports, box office lobbies, kiosks, merchandising booths, museums, on-stage, and anywhere else people gather. Other expected uses for TAO 3D Fusion’s services include digital signage, training films, educational presentations, special event videos, presentation graphics, and architectural/mechanical renderings.

On behalf of client AEG and the Island Def Jam Music Group, the TAO 3D Fusion joint venture’s first project was the recent 3D conversion of a new Bon Jovi music video, entitled “What Do You Got?” which was shot in true left eye, right eye 3D. “What Do You Got?” is the lead single and video from Bon Jovi’s “Greatest Hits.”

As part of its “Circle” Tour, Bon Jovi, as part of a special “By Request” event, performed live on Oct. 10, 2010, in Manhattan’s Times Square. Concurrently, a large 3D monitor system, set up by TAO 3D Fusion in the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square, presented live, streaming 3D of the “What Do You Got?” music video, to many thousands of Bon Jovi fans, without the need for them to be wearing 3D glasses.

Formed in 2007, 3DFusion is a New York-based technology company which has developed technology to offer “Perfect Picture 3D TV” without glasses. TAO Productions, LLC, also founded in 2007, is a multimedia entertainment, marketing, music and post production company based in Los Angeles. TAO Productions is comprised of two operating units, TAO Audio & Post and TAO Music Group, and is also a joint venture partner, along with New York based 3D Fusion, in the new TAO 3D Fusion company.