16x9 debuts EXII 0.75X wide converter

16x9 has introduced the EXII 0.75X wide converter, a new converter that fits more camera models and is lower in cost that the first-generation product.

Featuring four glass elements, the compact and lightweight EXII 0.75X wide converter provides 25 percent more extreme angle-of-view over the stock lens, according to the company, and maintains full zoom-through capability with cameras that have auto focus. Cutting-edge optics reduce geometric (barrel) distortion and improve off-axis performance, particularly chromatic aberrations and flatness of field.

The EXII 0.75X wide converter comes in 62mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm threaded mounts that fit a variety of popular HD and HDV cameras from Canon, Panasonic and Sony. Also, new for the EXII 0.75X are multiple bayonet mounts for even more applications.