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Vidyocast - VidyoRouter

VidyoCast is hardware and software that delivers live broadcast contribution feeds quickly, easily, and with great cost savings.

It includes encoders/decoders, broadcast camera robotics control, hosted production switcher functions, on-line story-production tools, remote videomonitoring and mobile contribution from Apple or Android phones/pads.

Through use of H.264-SVC Scalable Video Coding, and, our VidyoRouter, reporters and guests are brought on air in a couple of clicks. Multiple parties can be brought on screen together, with VidyoCast handling basic DVE scaling, audio mix-minus, intercom integration and basic graphics, either live to studio/air, or, during the story production process. Point-to-point and point-to-multi-point contribution feeds are provided.

Designed for natural interaction, VidyoCast’s latency is about 1/5th of a second.

Technical control is centralized; authorized remote access is provided.

Remote monitoring is accomplished by our IP Monitor Wall; it extends to laptops/desktops the ability to select and view individual feeds or groups of feeds.