VertigoXmedia ships VxScaler up/downconversion module

VertigoXmedia is now shipping the VxScaler, a field-upgradeable module that transforms VertigoXG into a graphics system with built-in up and downconversion.

By providing high-quality conversion, the new module enables simultaneous HD/SD output from a single box for simplified production and reduced equipment costs.

The VertigoXG, VertigoXmedia's graphics system, provides an easy way to create data-driven, templated broadcast graphics in HD and SD simply by dragging and dropping from a customizable library of common broadcast elements.

Its graphics rendering and playback performance in HD in a single- or dual-channel configuration is unsurpassed. With VxScaler installed, the VertigoXG can downconvert an HD source to SD; upconvert SD to HD; capture an SD source as an HD clip for inclusion in an HD project; and capture an HD source as a clip in SD or a different standard.

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