Vendor View, Steve Owen, Quantel and Snell

Expected tech trends: 4K, IP and Virtualization/Cloud. Quantel and Snell are active across them all -- right across our customer base. The transition to an IP based infrastructure is a once in a generation change that as an industry we need to get right. We are developing and promoting solutions for the long term that will ensure media professionals benefit and continue to benefit from the continuing advances in IT technology. For most of our customers the future is going to be a mixed IP/SDI world for quite some time so common management systems are key -- you can see it all in action on the Snell booth.

From the Live TV and post perspective, 4K is a done deal that is going to be an everyday part of the content creation and delivery landscape in the future. We are ready.

For many of our customers the interest is in using cloud techniques to build broadcast systems in a new way; using virtualization to increase resource utilization, to address changing needs in future and to drive down management and deployment costs.

New at IBC: We're rolling out 4K across the range of Snell Kahuna production switchers. Other Snell IBC highlights include the groundbreaking new Kahuna Maverik switcher control panel. We'll also be demonstrating IP routing in partnership with Cisco and multiple new software-based image processing solutions for live IP streaming and file-based applications, plus new web-based interfaces for Morpheus automation and all the latest updates for ICE Channel-in-a-Box and Momentum media asset management.

On the Quantel side, we'll be showing the 4K 60P workflow with Quantel Pablo Rio with the brand new at IBC Genetic Engineering 2, as used at the FIFA World Cup this summer. Also new at the show is the LiveTouch studio highlights system and FileFlow 2 making file I/O fast, easy and secure. There will be new software on show for Enterprise sQ fast turnaround production systems that adds a raft of editor improvements, and the latest release for QTube production everywhere, making it even faster and easier to get stories to air looking great.

Merger impact at IBC; what will we see? Two great companies working closely together; on two separate booths for logistical reasons, but visitors can get the big picture about Quantel and Snell on both stands.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam: I'm not telling you because I want to be able to get a table there, but I'll see you at the Old Bell in Rembrandtplein for a beer afterwards!

How many IBCs to date; any IBC trade show tips: I've been to every IBC since 1986. My best tip is to try and enjoy every minute. It's great fun and it's far better than being in the office!