Vendor View, Ronen Artman, LiveU

Expected tech trends: I think that we'll see continued developments in the cellular uplinking space in terms of both form factor and signal robustness. They are the key requirements – both from broadcasters and online media – and it's something that we are constantly innovating to achieve; our LU500 is a prime example of that. The dynamic live and as-live coverage that this technology facilitates was demonstrated again at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, allowing a far more rounded viewer experience that provides a real flavour of events, be they sporting or news.

New at IBC: As mentioned above, it's the combination of efficient form factor while constantly improving signal robustness that continues to drive innovation in this sector. We can't say too much at this stage but LiveU has never disappointed at a trade show before and IBC 2014 will be no different!

We also continue to evolve our overall service proposition. We now have such a range of technology, from smartphone apps up to the LU500, combined with our LiveU Central unified management system for easy preview and remote control, that we can provide a solution that's tailored precisely to a customer's needs.

Initial thoughts on 4K/8K: We are already seeing that the price for 4K televisions has dipped below US$1,000 dollars, making them affordable to (some) consumers. But having the viewing technology at home isn't enough. Broadcasters have to be able to send 4K signals through their networks and that technology step is some time away before it's the norm.

I do believe that 4K -- and even 8K -- is the future that will eventually become a standard, but the reality is that for most broadcasters it will take longer than projected. LiveU is looking closely at the latest development in this space and will be ready to support the technology and its customers when needed.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam: Café De Klos.

Best trade show tip: Make sure you invest in good carpeting in your booth and wear comfortable shoes.

Mark Hallinger