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TV One releases video scaler for PC and HD conversion

TV One’s new 1T-PCDVI-PCDVI Video Scaler is a high bandwidth, PC/component/DVI to digital DVI scaler that accepts PC-generated RGB signals, HD component signals and DVI signals and scales them to a DVI or PC output of 1080p/WUXGA.

The inputs of the 1T-PCDVI-PCDVI are DVI plus analog PC or HDTV in RGBHV, YPbPr or YCbCr formats. The outputs consist of digital DVI plus PC/HD and support 480i through 1080p, or VGA to WUXGA. Dual scaling engines are used with eight-bit triple-ADC phase locked loops. An integrated DVI/HDCP-compliant receiver is integrated in the processor along with 3-D motion adaptive de-interlacers. The 3:2 pull-down, 2:2 pull-down detection/recovery and 3-D noise reduction complete the video signal processing capability.

The unit is operated from the front-panel switch matrix or via supplied remote control. An on-screen display is also provided. The 1T-PCDVI-PCDVI comes with a two-year parts and labor warranty and fully equipped with cables.

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