T-Mobile adds Playground TV for kid-friendly content

T-Mobile has been keeping up with all other providers and continuing to develop its premium packages for its T-Mobile TV service. It has just announced a new package called Playground TV that is targeted at kids, featuring a suite of age-appropriate programming content. Playground TV provides entertainment for parents that educates and entertains children up to 6 years old. The package includes live channels and on-demand episodes of popular programs, including Pocoyo, Dora the Explorer, Curious George, Go Diego Go, Cat in the Hat, Veggie Tales, Baby First TV and Sesame Street.

T-Mobile is also expanding its television offerings with the Urban Zone package on smartphones. Featuring a mix of classic TV, hip-hop videos and stand-up comedy, the new Urban Zone includes both video-on-demand content and live channels with content from BET, Classic Media (Fat Albert), Comedy Time (4Urban Standup), Hip Hop Music Video Channel, R&B Jamz Music Video Channel, Deziak Entertainment (Salacious Streets), Rap Entertainment and Crackle TV.

T-Mobile released some stats this week that shows that its average mobile-TV user watches about 100 minutes per month of programming content. This is in line with other mobile-TV services ramping up in 2012, and the quest for new and varied content has never been higher than it is right now for providers. T-Mobile is also releasing a new widget for finding out information for breaking news, the latest shows and new programming.

Part of this initiative is that with so many new options for programming, a central hub is needed for mobile devices so consumers can drill down and find out exactly what is interesting to them. The new widget will go a long way toward getting to the shows mobile-TV fans want to find, and finding the information fast. T-Mobile plans to roll out more tiered options later this year.