Thomson Video Networks FUZE-1 Playout System

Thomson Video Networks launches FUZE-1 Playout System, a completely new paradigm for channiel-in-a-box systems that foucses on channel origination and channel manipulation. FUZE-1 provides a rich playout infrastructure with the ability to process audio and video either directly in the compressed domain or by going back to baseband and re-encoding. This capability makes FUZE-1 ideal for applications such as linear TV channel playout, ad insertion, branding, mosaic channel playout, time-shifting, disaster recovery, censorship, and EAS insertion. With its advanced graphics, sophisticated built-in automation, integrated asset manager and premium software transcoding capabilities, FUZE-1 is much more than a video server. It's a unique, versatile and cost-effective solution that takes the channel-in-a-box concept to new levels for MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and HEVC video playout in the cloud.