TDK LTO Ultrium 4 data cartridges pass compliance test

TDK has announced that its two new fourth-generation LTO Ultrium 4 data cartridges have passed certification testing by the CVE, the organization responsible for LTO standardization. TDK will begin shipping its rewritable D2407-LTO4 and recordable D2407W-LTO4 media products in May.

LTO Ultrium 4 tapes feature 800GB of space, or 1.6TB with 2:1 compression, and a 120MB/s data transfer rate, or 240MB/s with 2:1 compression. To achieve this capacity, the data cartridge uses tape with a 12.65mm width and 896 recording. The tape thickness has been reduced to facilitate incorporating more tape into the cartridge.

Main features of the TDK LTO Ultrium 4 data cartridge include:

  • Super Finavinx metal magnetic material with higher output power;
  • Special base film with strong, ultrasmooth surface and dimensional stability;
  • High-precision ultrathin, dual-layer tape coating technology that promotes stable output;
  • Electron-beam Curing EB binder and thermo-setting TDC binder that enable high durability;
  • Original servo signal writing technology that enables read/write accuracy;
  • A high-precision cartridge mechanism that enables seamless drive/media interaction.

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