TASCAM launches USB interface with mixer functionality

TASCAM has launched the US-125M, a USB audio interface. The interface combines a mic, instrument and line source, with a computer audio signal, and it feeds the mix to the user’s computer via USB for broadcasting over the Internet. The new interface also provides up to 16 bit/48kHz audio resolution.

The interface features four inputs with dedicated level controls: a microphone input (balanced XLR/TRS on rear or unbalanced mini jack on front) with a switchable limiter and signal/overload indicator, a Guitar input (standard phone jack), a Stereo line input (RCA), and a Stereo audio input from computer via USB.

This USB-powered device is housed in a solid aluminum case and can also be used as a simple stand-alone mixer. It is an affordable, simple-to-use audio interface that is great for all levels of musicians. The loop mix feature also is useful for online streaming, online collaboration, sound-on-sound recording with online video and audio, video production, podcasting, online gaming, musical instruments training and for home recording.