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Stratos introduces high-density media converters for digital video transport

Stratos mini-VMCs convert signals between coax and fiber optic cabling.

Stratos has introduced a slimmer, smaller profile coax-to-fiber and fiber-to-coax digital video media converters. The mini-VMC’s measure 3.14in x by 0.55in in diameter and provide media conversion between BNC-equipped 75ohm coax and LC-connector-equipped 9µm single mode fiber optic cable.

The media converters enable use of fiber transport in HD production. Transmitters and receivers are compliant with SMPTE protocols and support data rates from 19.4Mb/s to 1.485Gb/s. The electro-optical performance meets or exceeds all SMPTE specifications. Options include CWDM and DFB transmitters.

Included in the mini-VMC is a digital diagnostics monitoring interface (DDMI) for real-time access to critical operating parameters such as module temperature, module supply voltage, received optical power (receiver only), transmitted optical power and laser bias current (transmitter only). DDMI also provides alarm flags to warn when specific operating parameters have been exceeded. This data is accessed via a 4-pin XLR-type connector that also provides DC power to the device. A multi-color LED indicator serves as a quick visual indication of Go/No-Go link status and DDMI alarms and warnings.

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