(Sponsored Content) StreamCaster 3822 Wireless MIMO Transceiver

StreamCaster radios utilize advances in military technology to provide wireless video and data communications.

Touting COFDM modulation, true 2x2 MIMOand mesh networking capability, SC3822 is the latest addition to the StreamCaster family. Smaller, lighter and with lower power consumption, SC3822 is ideal for cameraback/backpack ENG, director's video assist and POV sports.

StreamCaster radios feature Silvus' MN-MIMO waveform, providing throughput, range and robustness in challenging scenarios involving mobility, non-line-of-sight operation, and interference. StreamCaster radios form a self-healing mesh network, providing bidirectional IP and video connectivity without public cell phone networks.

SC3822 is available as a ruggedized product or as a PCB stack.