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Snell offers new versions of Channel-in-a-box

Snell has added three new configurations to itsICE channel-in-a-box solution. The core ICE product is now available as a standard 2-U system, requiring a third less space than the previous hardware platform with no sacrifice in functionality. The new CIBhas twice the 2D or 3D graphics capability as was previously available.

In addition, ICE is now shipping with Version 4.0 of the software, offering Nielsen audience tracking capabilities, a “Variplay” feature option for speeding up noncritical material to compress time and make space for more essential playout, and integrated loudness control for compliance with international regulations.

ICE LEis a new 1-U version of ICE that provides the advanced functionality of the Version 4.0 software in a smaller, more cost-effective footprint and with a streamlined feature set — making it ideal for smaller operations or simple video servertechnology refresh projects.

Also, in partnership with Quantum, Snell is introducing ICE SAN. ICE SAN provides large-scale shared content storage to give multiple ICE units instant access to media. ICE SAN is available in two versions: a high-performance enterprise model that offers premium levels of storage centralization and resilience, and a lower-cost option that provides high performance for smaller operations in which cost is a major factor