SMC Network adds new 24 and 48-port TigerStack stackable switches with optional 10Gig uplinks

SMC Networks has introduced its newest Gigabit backbone switches, the TigerStack 10/100/1000 48-port stackable managed switch (SMC8748M) and 24-port stackable managed switch (SMC8724M), both with optional 10G uplink.

The new SMC8748M switch has 48 fixed 10/100/1000 ports. The SMC8724M has 24. In each of the switches, four of the ports can be upgraded with optional mini GBIC expansion slots for fiber connections. An optional one-port 10GB XENPAK module can be added to either of the switches for 10G uplink. The SMC8748M and SMC8724M have switching capacity as high as 156Gb/s for the 48-port switch and 108Gb/s for the 24-port version.

The new switches include security features using ACLs and 802.1x for secure network access, and SSH, SSL/HTTPS for secure management enabled by RADIUS and TACACS+. Flexible Layer 2/3/4 traffic prioritization and rate-limiting enable QoS across the network, and network segmentation is provided by port and protocol-based VLANs.

The switches also offer Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1s) and stack-wide link aggregation (LACP). Built for workgroup and backbone switching, the SMC8748M and SMC8724M can be mixed or matched for stacking up to eight units high.

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